JEF Anna Rose

Anna schooling at UNH Event Camp, 2011

JEF Anna Rose is a 2004 Connemara/Trakehner cross, bred by Ginny Winkler of Journey’s End Farm in Gardner, NY.  She came to live with me at the age of six, having only been backed and worked lightly under saddle at the walk and trot. I have done the remainder of her training, for better or for worse, myself.

Our first ride- already a match!

Anna has successfully competed through novice level in eventing (schooling training level questions when in her best form), jumpers to 0.90m and Third Level dressage.  She has earned numerous awards and accolades throughout her career from the American Connemara Pony Society, the US Eventing Association, the US Dressage Federation and has ranked in the US Equestrian Federation’s Horse of the Year program.

Anna schooling at Denny Emerson’s Tamarack Hill, 2012 (photo credit May Emerson)

Anna’s personality is dominated by the genes of her Connemara ancestors.  She is sensible, willing and adapts to new situations quickly and happily. She can also be a little lazy, and is easily won over by food.


When I met Anna, I was looking specifically for a Connemara/warmblood cross.  I wanted a sport horse with the temperament and “all around” attitude of the Connemara with some of the additional movement and athleticism of the warmblood.  Anna has certainly lived up to those expectations, and we have shared many adventures together. 

Anna’s first novice at Snowfields HT, Aug 2012 (photo credit: DC Designs)

Anna spent the summer of 2014 with me at Denny Emerson’s famed Tamarack Hill Farm in Strafford, Vermont. We have ridden in clinics with equestrian luminaries such as Michael Page, Jan Ebeling, Jen Verharen, Jan Conlon, Cindy Canace, Conrad Schumacher, Nancy Guyotte, Jeremy Steinberg and the late Verne Batchelder.

JEF Anna Rose, competing Third Level circa 2018 (photo by Mily K. Photography and used with kind permission).

Anna will likely soon be stepping down to become a schoolmaster for an up and coming junior or adult amateur. She enjoys hacking out and the benefits of downtime as much as she wants to be on the go, so I expect that she will transition seamlessly into this next stage of her career!

Anna and her longtime stablemate Liatris finishing up a benefit trail ride, Fall 2020

Additional notable accomplishments: In 2020, Anna covered 100+ trail miles to complete the Ranger 100 Mile Challenge. She also contributed 20/100 additional trail miles toward the Journey 100 Mile Challenge (an achievement shared among my five mares).

Anna showing off her 2020 Ranger 100 Mile Challenge medal.

JEF Anna Rose Notable Career Accomplishments

American Connemara Pony Society: silver medals in eventing and jumpers; Award of Excellence in dressage (the Society’s highest discipline achievement level)

US Eventing Association: silver medals at the beginner novice (2012) and novice (2013) levels. Qualified and competed at the Area I Championships 2012/2013.

US Dressage Federation: Connemara All Breeds Award Program Reserve Champion First Level Musical Freestyle (2016)

US Equestrian Federation: Ranked 4th for Halfbred Connemara Dressage Horse of the Year (2016)

Ranger 100 Mile Challenge (100 miles of ridden trail) (2020)

Journey 100 Mile Challenge (20/100 miles of ridden trail, in partnership with my other four mares) (2020)

Ranger 100 Mile Challenge (100 miles of ridden trail) (2021)

Cante Tinza 100 Mile Challenge (100 miles of ridden trail) (2021)

Tevis Cup Virtual Ride (100 miles of ridden trail in 100 days; 6th horse to complete the required miles) (2022)

Starlight 100 Mile Challenge (100 miles of ridden trail) (2022)


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