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Spring Hollow Or Noir

Spring Hollow Or Noir is a smoky black Morgan mare foaled on June 12, 2017. Like her cousin Marquesa, she comes from Spring Hollow Morgans in Hopewell, PA, and came to live at Cold Moon Farm in fall 2018.

After spending many miles riding with several wonderful Morgans on distance and conditioning rides, and admiring their willing yet still sprightly temperaments, overall sturdiness, soundness and versatility, I knew that I wanted my next distance horse to be a Morgan. With Lee retiring from competitive distance rides in 2018, I decided to casually be on the look out for a 5-6 year old Morgan mare who might be suitable.

And then I saw Nori’s ad on Facebook.

Nori was not even two years old and priced out of my budget. But there was just something about her that said– “this is the one”. It certainly helped, too, that she came from the Spring Hollow program, the same one that produced Marquesa– they focus on breeding for sport, and want animals which are athletic, well built and trainable. I watched her video, in which she fairly floats across the ground. I messaged the trainer, Lori. I reached out to my best friend to talk me out of it; she only reminded me that I need to finish an M.F.A. thesis in the next year and change, and Nori just needs to grow for the same period of time. When I am done writing, Nori should be ready to start.

Nori in October 2018

So on a cold, rainy October afternoon, Nori arrived at the farm. She immediately made herself at home in the herd.

As Nori has adjusted to her new life in New Hampshire, her strong personality has emerged. She is confident and inquisitive, friendly and sometimes opinionated. She is the first to approach when you enter her paddock, loves to be groomed and is a big believer in laying down to take naps.

It is so embarrassing when your human dresses you in the same outfit.

Nori has begun learning the fundamental basics of being a riding horse, including wearing tack, working lightly in the round pen with longeing and long lining and going ponying with her role model Marquesa. We look forward to continuing to see her develop and mature into a capable performance horse.

It is a good thing Nori is a dark color– girlfriend likes to lay in mucky areas and frequently wears her food.

Spring Hollow Or Noir Notable Accomplishments

Journey 100 Mile Challenge (20/100 miles of handwalking on trail, in partnership with my other four mares) (2020)

Valkyrie 100 Mile Challenge (100 miles handwalking on trail) (2021)

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