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Poo for You (Aged Compost)


Aged Compost from the Horses of Cold Moon Farm

We are in the horse business, not the compost business, but when our horses do their business…it makes Poo For You!

Our aged compost is made primarily from horse manure and hay, with a little bit of household produce mixed in. We rotate it through our 3 bay compost bin and then let it “cook” a bit in an old foundation. The entire process takes about five to eight months, and the result is a rich, earthy compost perfect for gardens, beds and other similar uses.

Pre-Bagged (Self-Serve): $5/bag (cash only please, leave in black cash box)

Loaded (We Scoop): $30/tractor bucket (by appointment; call/text 603-617-9488)

For 2022, the MONIES FROM ALL SALES WILL BE DONATED to Principal Horseman Christina’s fundraising initiative for the Veloo Foundation in Mongolia. She will be riding in their Gobi Gallop in 2023! Stay tuned to this page for more information on how you can contribute to her $10,000 goal directly!







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