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Internship Program

Cold Moon Farm offers individualized internship opportunities for motivated, mature students with an interest in advancing their horsemanship skills and/or in sustainable equine facility management.  Hours are flexible and generally can be arranged around other work/class commitments, though a schedule will be required.

Devyn tries long lining for the first time with Spring Hollow Marquesa.

Interns may choose whether to concentrate on facility management or horsemanship.

Facility Management Intern: Facility management interns work toward developing increased proficiency with skills necessary in the successful day-to-day operations of an equine facility, as well as explore more advanced management concepts such as trail network development and mapping, methods of manure management, safe and sustainable fencing installation, pasture and sacrifice area design, general farm chores, short term farm sitting, and more. This is a non-riding position.

Intern Tory helps with the installation of a new gate.

Horsemanship Intern/Working Student: Horsemanship interns assist CMF Principal Horseman Christina Keim with the preparation and cooling out of her mounts, observe and assist in both mounted/mounted training sessions, and receive  mounted instruction on their own or on a CMF horse. They are invited as an auditor/groom to any clinics Christina may be attending during the time frame of their internship. Depending on level of experience, Horsemanship Interns may also be asked to provide supervised schooling rides on additional mounts, participate in conditioning rides on trail with Christina, and/or work with horses independently

For more information or to set up an appointment: 603-617-9488 or

Intern Kelly takes DRF Isabela for her in hand walk.
Intern Nikki rides CMF’s Spring Hollow Marquesa, a 1996 registered Morgan mare.
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