Equine Explorer

Equine Explorer is an unmounted (non-riding) immersive exposure to all things equine for youth aged 8-13. If you are the parent/guardian of a horse-loving young person, this is the program for them!

Christina and her horse, Nori.

In Equine Explorer, participants engage in a variety of experiential learning opportunities centered on gaining a deeper awareness of essential, core equine knowledge. Topics covered include equine body language and communication; understanding equine senses; fundamentals of equine care; basic handling and safety techniques, and more.

Even if your horse-loving child is already enrolled in riding lessons elsewhere, Equine Explorer is a perfect complement to help them better understand the inner workings of these powerful, inspirational animals. Participants will develop the tools necessary to help establish a deeper connection and build a true relationship with horses, coming from an ethos of compassion and mutual respect.

While we do cover certain essential content in each session, there is always more to learn about horses! Participants are welcome and encouraged to sign up for more than one session.

Registration Fee (Single Session): $350

Registration Fee (Any Two Sessions): $600

Registration Fee (All Three Sessions): $700

Please contact Christina for a multi-child discount, available to children living in the same household.

Summer 2022 Equine Explorer Dates

Session I: July 11-14, 8:30AM- 12:30 PM

Session II: July 25-28, 8:30AM-12:30 PM

Session III: August 15-18, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

While these sessions are geared for youth aged 8-13, if your horse lover falls slightly out of those ranges, please contact Christina (christinakeimequestrian@gmail.com) to determine if this program might still be an appropriate fit.

Register today! Space is limited.

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